Today I filmed a new super exciting video for you guys. It will be online on the first of January and it’s all about my favorite winter coats. One of them is already shown here…

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Okay, so I understand that when you think of a winter coat you automatically think of a wool coat, thick and maybe long too. That’s exactly what I always look for in a winter coat. The past few years all of my winter coats have been maxi coats, wool, sophisticated. Some oversized, some plain and tailored. You know what I mean.

But this jacket here is not like a winter coat at all. In fact, I don’t even think I should name it a winter coat. It’s more like a biker jacket, a jacket that is worn during fall or spring, maybe even during the summer (in The Netherlands). But as soon as my eye fell on this jacket, I knew I had to have it. Too cold or not. And I must admit that I have already worn it, my date telling me that this may not exactly be warm enough. But I didn’t mind catching a cold for this jacket! And I have to say that it wasn’t even that cold.

So yes, this jacket will also be on my top 5 list of favorite winter coats, although it may not seem appropriate for this time of the year. Don’t y’all believe in Gucci? When Gucci says it’s hot, it’s hot. Literally taken or not. When they say it’s Gucci, it’s good. Ok, where am I going with this, cause this isn’t even the real Gucci jacket haha, but it’s inspired by it and I think that counts too, doesn’t it?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, cause I can go on and on, but let’s not…



Wearing: We x Nina top / Loavies jacket / Misguided flare pants
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