As the season is changing, so is my inspiration. Chiffon and flip flops are being exchanged for knitwear and sweaters. The past few weeks we finally had summer in The Netherlands and with the city trips I’ve had I finally feel like I can say goodbye to summer and embrace the next season… This is what inspires me at the moment… How I love these pictures!

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Okay, I have to admit… the content is still summer-ish but the color scheme is changing. And may I remind you that this is only the beginning… Besides, I think that this fall will be characterized by contrasts. Expect satin cami tops with knitwear, thin cotton and heavy leather, shorts with oversized sweaters… Maybe that’s the best part about the transitions: one can wear both summer and winter items all in one.

Personally, I think that gold, rose gold and black will be perfect for the coming season and I hope to find some beautiful aubergine colored items in stores as well. Besides that, white, mint and old pink will also do.

I hope that trends like “lingerie as outerwear” will still be an option during the next season, cause I have become a big fan of it. I think that there are so many ways to style underwear with outerwear and it’s always a nice surprise.

What trends do you wanna take with you during the transition to fall?



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