Ok so the cami top and dress on their own are already super fun. Why? I don’t know, it must be that nineties vibe it brings along. But even better and even more of a throwback to good old times is the cami + t-shirt/long sleeve combo. Can I get a YASSS for this trend please?

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I must be honest… I had to get used to it in the beginning. I mean, a top over a top. Are we really doing that shit again? What’s next? A skirt over pants? I remember that used to be cool when I was at the end of primary school and I remember that by the time I went to high school I could not stand the pictures in which I was wearing that haha.

But here it is again, and this time I know that I will love looking back at the pictures. Cause 1. I am rocking my outfits way better than 15 years ago and 2. this trend has come back in a very sassy way.

Combine the top + cami combo to a cool choker or catchy sunglasses and throwbacks will forever be fine right: “Remember when we used to wear that… Oh yessss, those were the best of times!” At least that’s how I feel about it haha. The satin and velvet ones are my favorite. I have packed some for my trip to Paris Fashion Week as well. Cannot wait to wear it!



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