Sometimes I wonder… How come my instagram feed doesn’t look like my tumblr feed? I l o v v v e tumblr and I love creating a beautiful feed like the one I have up there. But how come my Instagram doesn’t look like that?!

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I have had my tumblr account for a while now and I enjoy going there every month and just take a look at the people I follow, watch their photos and reblog whenever I really really like something. And hoppa, tumblr puts all of these photos together and here is my tumblr page. Looking all fly and shit.

I wish it was that easy with instagram. But no, for instagram I make my pics myself. And although I think that I have everything it takes to make beautiful fashion and beauty pics with the items I own, it’s a lot harder to make a coherent instagram feed.

The past few weeks I have been focusing on it a little more and I must say I like the way that it is coming together… (Writing this down I realize how stupid it sounds, me being all busy with what my instagram looks like – first world problems!) But yeah, it’s coming together and I am still working on it. Let’s say that it’s a fun journey in which one needs to find one’s own handwriting.

How are you guys with this? Do you also think of what your instagram account looks like? Tips and tricks?



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