This month’s love goes out to…

Yes guys, ever since blog year no1 I have been doing the “This month’s love goes out to” trends posts and I will keep that tradition. In my next post I will show you the ultimate new year’s dress and tell you all about my new year’s resolutions, but just like every month, I will start off with a trend… and this month is about the reefer jackets…

Double breasted, dark and above all sophisticated, the reefer jacket made it’s comeback. However the jacket comes in a large variety of types, from maxi to short and from body tight to oversized. But my favorite would have to be the ones with the golden buttons. I saw them in Milan during the Ermanno Scervino show and I was stunned.

There is one thing about this doublebreasted coat that I find a little bit difficult: with some of these coats the buttons are placed asymmetrical or the buttons are placed far from the opening of the jacket. So when you wear the jacket open it is either uneven or does not show what you are wearing underneath since there is too much fabric there, which I think is a pity.

“Now wear it like a cape,
And maybe you’ll fly…”

Up until December I have been wearing my coats open (crazy right!) Somehow I never care to button or zip up my coats and have my scarves hanging in front of my chest against the cold. And during the summer I like the fact that one can see the shirt or dress that I am wearing underneath the coat. So back to my dilemma: not all of these jackets are made to wear unbuttoned. But I don’t think that will keep me from wearing it. In fact, I have some hanging in my closet already!

What do you think of this trend?



F.l.t.r.: Chloé, Nina Ricci, Michael Kors
Photo via Vogue Paris

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