Let me start off by saying that it seemed to be June like two seconds ago!? The year has flown by so fast… At the end of the year I always have this weird feeling that is a mixture of fear and excitement. Am I happy about last year? What is the new year gonna bring me? I’m gonna figure out the first question in this post, the latter is a still a surprise for me as well…

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For me, 2015 started rough, or I’d rather say stiff. In the first weeks of January I could not get myself to do the things I needed to do. I stayed in bed a lot! Why? I guess I had a blue monday depression that held on for almost a month. But it wasn’t that bad, because I also worked from my bed and did the necessary like eating and sleeping. Haha, I guess it’s good to know that after winter always comes spring.

After February I got more productive as I was busy to integrate my new blog layout and blog by new and better standards. Also, I went to Denmark quite a few times for my collaboration with Vero Moda. Then, as I can tell from my Facebook “year in review” May was kind of a crazy fun month in which I had a first date in Lisbon with the man whom I am now in a relationship with (you can read the full story here). Then, in June I started making plans for a new trip. And while busy with Amsterdam fashion week, I booked my flight to Colombia and Cuba.

This trip to Colombia and Cuba took place in August and wow, I had the time of my life. I have seen so many wonderful things and met some lovely people. It was also a great lesson for me and I really have found that traveling makes me grow as a person. However, I was happy to be back in September, because then I got busy with one of the most fun projects in my blogging career: I was starring in the TV program “Elke dag een look” together with Fashionchick, on Net 5 (national tv). I really had a blast.

Oh, but before all that I went to the international fashion weeks: London, Paris, Milan. It was the first time for me to go to these fashion weeks. So it was very exciting and I have done some great collabs while there. Not long after all these fun things I reached 50K on instagram, but also came to the conclusion that instagram has a new algorithm which kinda f*cks up my work, but… During this year I started realizing more and more how lucky I am to have made a job out of my hobby. Of course, everything comes with a price, cause I must admit that it really takes it’s toll on me to never really go on a break (maybe something to think of for my new year’s resolution). But I am a lucky girl to be where I am today.

Like I said, I am very scared of the new year. I can’t really tell why… I only know that I am happy right now and I wish for myself to keep it that way and maybe, hopefully to grow my succes even more. My words for 2015: grace & grateful. How would you describe your last year?

Happy NYE you guys.
In the new year I will be back with some new blog categories and tell you all about my new year’s resolutions!



Wearing: New Yorker furry coat / Primark top & skirt / Dolce Vita boots
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