Needless to say, Tokyo is big and there are so many attractions to this city. So where to go when you only have a few days? These are the ultimate top 10 things to do in Tokyo!


So what are the must see places and must do things in Tokyo? Check these off of your list:

1. Shibuya crossing
The shibuya crossing is not really an attraction, but it definitely attracts people to the area. You’ll find this intersection just outside Shibuya station, where you’ll also find a lot of shops and malls. It’s definitely worth standing there for a few minutes. Wait until all lights turn red and the organized chaos is a fact. Strutt down that pedestrian walk (which ever you like) and feel that you are in Tokyo. After that, Shibuya 109 is a nice mall to check out and afterwards have dinner at the Tokyu food show. At night this place is also very lively.

2. Sumo theater
The number one thing on my list was to watch a sumo game. This is typically Japanese and oh so impressive. Be ware that the tournaments are only held during January, May and September. You need to buy a ticket early in the morning (line up around 6 or 7) for that same day. You can also buy a ticket online, but those are for the inner rings and will be sold out quickly.

3. Sky tree
The sky tree will take you up to 350m from where you’ll be able to have a view over Tokyo. Needless to say that this is an impressive view. It’s even more impressive when the weather is good (no clouds). If you’re luck you’ll see the Mt. Fuji from there. Also nice: Underneath the Sky tree there’s a lovely mall and lots of places to have dinner.

4. Tokyo tower
Another tower is the Tokyo tower. This one looks exactly like the eiffel tower. Only, the Japanese have built it slightly smaller out of respect to the real Eiffel tower. Cute, though.



5. Shopping at Ginza
If you like the designer shops (please note that you are on what was supposed to be a fashion blog in the first place) you will love Ginza. In this area you will also find the best sushi place e v e r: it’s called Umegaoka Sushino Midori. There’s usually a line outside the restaurant, cause it’s so popular. You can take a number and wait until you are seated. It’s worth the 20 min wait!

6.Tsukiji fish market
The tsukiji fish market is the largest and busiest of the world. We missed the tuna auction since we went there around 10am so make sure to go there early (5 or 6am will do). I’d say this is just an interesting attraction. And of course, if you love fish this is the place to be.


7. Takeshita street
Do you want the colorful crazy Japan experience? Definitely visit Takeshita street (get out at Harajuku station). This is where you’ll find the harajuku girls and where you’ll be able to find the most amazing clothing and accessories. Think of teddybear phone covers, fur sandals, funny bags and lots of glitter. In this neighborhood you will also find the famous Tokyu plaza (a beautiful mall with the beautiful mirror like entrance), Kiddy land and the cat cafe.

8. Meiji Jingu shrine & torii
If you visit Tokyo as the first city of your trip, this may be the first shrine you’ll see, but you’ll find them in front of every temple so there are loads of them. But this one is less colorful, and very peaceful in between the woods.

9. Yoyogi park
Next to the Meiji Jingu shrine you will find this peaceful park. This is the place to relax if you want a break from the buzz of Tokyo.



10. Senso-ji Temple
Senso-ji is a buddhist temple located in Asakusa and one of the must see temples, if you will. Here you can buy a sacred lot for 100 yen (this is about 90 cent) and see what the future has in stores for you.

I hope these tips will help you through Tokyo. At least I had a great time. Check out my Tokyo vlog here to see.



Photos by me & Reinder

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