The past few weeks have been a circus with the inter nation fashion weeks being the main roller coaster. And I kind of love roller coasters especially the ones that give me the opportunity to have fun with my loved ones. Before this all started, Mohamed and I made our first stop in Eindhoven, where we spent the night in The Pullman Hotel just the day before we left for London…

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Whenever I go to London I try to book a flight as cheap as possible. Normally a Ryan Air flight of about 50EUR retour would do. However, Ryan Air only flies from Eindhoven, which makes this a less practical option, for I have to go there by train first. All of this is made a lot easier by sleeping at a hotel the night before. So that’s what Mo and I did when we went to London at the end of September.
We stayed at the Pullman Cocagne, where we were welcomed with a drink and food at their restaurant. We arrived late because of work, so we could only choose from the “smaller menu”. Let me tell you, this small menu doesn’t seem small at all, for there were a lot of things on the menu that caught my attention. Since we couldn’t make a choice between all the sweet stuff, Mo and I ordered tapas consisting of sausages, sate and vegetables. Delicious bites for the late evening.
Then we went to the room which had Mo jumping around like a little kid (ok, ok, me too), cause it was such a beautiful room. It was especially the half round lighting in the wall, just above the bed that had us smiling, if only for the fact that we could adjust the colors of it by a dimmer.
After checking out all technical features of the hotel it was time to go to bed, since we’d leave for London very early the next day. We had a wake up call at 6 and rushed out of our room at 6.30. Lucky us, we had the opportunity to take along breakfast from the buffet, which was very good.
As I told you in my latest hotel review, I will from now on describe my findings on a scale from one to ten, since this makes it easier for you guys to make a distinction between what would or would not be interesting for you, considering a stay at the hotels I review. So here we go…
   Location: 7,5
The hotel is easy to reach by foot from Eindhoven station and is right in the heart of the city. I haven’t seen much by daylight, so I cannot really tell if there are many fun shops & cafes in the neighborhood, but I cannot imagine otherwise.
   Room: 7,5
The room has enough space and is beautifully decorated, with fun technical features. I would give a 9+ to the bed, cause I really didn’t want to get out. Everything was very clean and with a minibar, tv and wi-fi we had everything we needed.
Ambiance: 8
The hotel itself has great ambiance. It’s very modern and spacey, which I like. The ambiance of the room is determined by the round lighting above the bed (purple in these photos) and is simply perfect.
Food & drinks: 8
The restaurant offers a great variety of spices. Since I have only seen the small menu, which already had a lot of delicious meals on it, I think that the bigger menu must be delightful.
   Facilities: 7,5
The hotel features a sauna, warmed swimming pool and a gym. So it has good sports & wellness facilities, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to check this out.
   Recommendation rate: 8
I would definitely consider staying at the Pullman Cocagne in Eindhoven, cause it’s the perfect base when you’re either making a transit or want to visit the city itself. Both when it comes to breakfast, diner, sleeping & sporting, you’ll find all you need under one roof.
Location: Vestdijk 47, 5611CA, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
More information about the hotel can be found here
Photos by Mohamed (

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