“Crazy times”, they say, “life’s changing”, they say. And so it is. During the past few weeks I have had so much time to myself that I have come to new ideas… I am now in a process where it’s all about “out with the old” and “in with the new”. So I am skipping old plans, making new ones. Same way I am cleaning out my house, throwing away old stuff and cleaning my interior to start life anew. It feels refreshing and I must say that with the way I do it, it’s also super fun.

New concepts
When it comes to the mental situation; I feel so so happy and grateful for the fact that the past two months were so relaxing (also boring, but let’s call it relaxing). I would have never known I needed this time and space to think if social distancing had not been a thing. I would have probably been traveling all around the world and jumping from one outfit into another to go from one social gathering to another. But instead, here I am: looking at my laptop screen, working on another story. And I am not just working on this story here, moreover, I am working on my own story. So many new ideas have come to my mind in the past few weeks. For example: Finally, I got to the point were I decided to quit vlogging. I will still be making videos on my youtube channel but no vlogs anymore. Just videos that have a concept like a shop haul, a beauty tutorial, a mukbang or a style video. Besides that I have started with TikTok and when I say I have started with TikTok, I mean I am pro-actively making videos to post online (say what?!). Besides, I have started a new instagram account that will focus only on fashion (I know, I sound like a new person haha). Yesss… And I am so excited about it all.

New interior
New ideas need a new space. My mom always told me that you cannot expect your mind to be clear if your room isn’t clean. A tidy home is a tidy mind. I would like to add that a tidy home is also a happy home. So although I barely have visitors an could leave my dishes & dusty floor for what it is, I am cleaning my house on a regular basis. To be honest, I would normally be a little lazy when it comes to cleaning, but fueled by new energy, I feel very enthusiastic about tidying up. So when I put on my favorite music, it’s time to clean out and clean up. I have already packed a lot of clothes & accessories for third world countries. And besides that I am conquering dust & dirt using Method. This product makes me happy just by looking at it; the colorful packaging is so inviting. Add the fact that it is plant based and has a lovely smell and I am good to go. If you follow me on Instagram you must have seen the way I like to dance & jump while I clean and if you haven’t yet, do follow me there: @larissabruin. At least I hope that you guys have used the past few months to your advantage as well. Wether it is by getting yourself together or getting your house together.

More new
But there’s more to be grateful for and more nice things are coming up… Before we know it it will be Christmas. Ohh how I hope we can celebrate with our friends and family like always. But, before that, there’s October and November which are also full of festivities and reasons to smile, such as Black friday for example. Nordgreen best black friday deals will have you saving up to 20% off beautiful watches.


My favorite cleaning songs:
Tekno – Go
Ciara – Thinking ‘bout you
Aya Nakamura – Dja Dja
Vice ft. Ava Max – Make up
Beyoncé – Before I let go
Herve Pagez ft Diplo & Charli XCX – Spicy


What’s your favorite song to clean to?

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