Is it summer yet? Hmm, it feels like w’ere still stuck in March although it is already May. But I guess it’s what’s happening in the world right now that makes me feel like nothing new has happened. However, so much has actually happened. The longer this social distance takes, the more I talk about all this with friends and the more I hear people saying how not only their lives but also their mindsets have changed. Oh… and that’s for the better! For me too, a lot of things are changing and how happy am I that summer is around the corner. So, it’s finally time to wheel in some season-proof clothing. Uhhuh! These are the spring/summer must haves that you cannot go without…

Off shoulder
Suns out, bums out, they say. Well, how about starting off with bare shoulders? I’ve always been a fan of off-shoulder tops as I think that they add a certain elegance to a top without putting in too much effort. Also, once you find the right bra, you’re good to go. Off-shoulder tops are perfect for dates or whenever you need to spice up things. The same goes for off shoulder dresses, of course.

Wonderful whites
My forever favorite color for summer is white. Every year, I add some other summer colors to the palette too, but white… white is perfect! During summer I am personally already happy with just a white T-shirt. It could be plain or with a statement printed on it. It could be a decent blouse or a special looking top. Everything is possible and everything looks good, in white. Especially with our upcoming summer tan!

Loungewear for the win
It’s not just because we’re all staying in, but also because it can be super beautiful that loungewear is one of my go-to’s this spring/summer. To be honest, I think it has been underrated by me for a while now. Even when joggers with heels were a hit, I did not wear them often enough. I think I now finally got to a point where I do wanna go for it. I seem to order more and more loungewear sets and I am loving every single one of them.

What will you be wearing a lot this spring and summer? And what color will not be missing from your spring/summer palette?

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