You may have seen a few of these wonderful pieces before, well, here they are again! My Globetrotter jewelry pieces, with Wanderlust and the world map engraved into the matte silver. In this post I wanted to focus on these pieces a bit more and show them to you in detail.







I don’t really remember how it started. Maybe I have been fond of traveling ever since I was born? Nah, not really, cause I remember a time at which I was the happiest girl just going to Center Parcs a 2 hour ride away from home. I didn’t understand why friends of mine always went to the South of Europe with their family during the summer cause I had so much fun in The Netherlands already. Nowadays, I don’t understand why they go to the South of Europe and never go further, cause these days I love to travel the world and Europe doesn’t seem big enough.

In my travel list on the right side bar of my blog you can see exactly where in the world I have been before. I thought it was fun to make a list like that, because it encourages me to see more and more and I also hope that it inspires you guys to travel and enrich yourselves with all the world has to offer.

“Wandering the world, trotting the globe,
I learn and live from love and hope”

It seems to be something everyone is into lately, and that’s exactly why I think that it’s so nice that clothes and jewelry brands incorporate the wanderlust theme into their collections. I am a huge fan of the items in this post and I cannot wait to rock them in my festival looks or while I travel during the summer.

Let me know what you think!



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