Have you seen them? The biker jackets are back! I must admit that my leather jackets never really gone out of style or out of my closet. But this new one might be my favorite at the moment.

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These shots were taken in Heidelberg, Germany by Lily. My best blogger babe, if I may say. She and I were there for a hotel review and just needed to shot some outfit pics as well since the neighborhood was too cute!

After this shoot we sat down and asked each other sincerely how we thought of the other’s style. How would we describe it? It was kinda funny because we both hit the nail on the head perfectly. Lily’s style is colorful, fun and feminine with a crazy twist. And like Lily described my style can be cool and funky or feminine chique and most of the time it’s a combination of those two. It’s actually kinda funny to hear about your style by someone else! But she was so right…

In this look it’s especially the cool and rough vibe that I am trying to bring about, while at the same time I would have never been able to pull this off as being me without a good pair of heels. And what better sexy smooth heel to add to this biker look than my new pair of perplex boots (Yeah yeah, I know you’ve seen these a lot on my blog lately, but I just happen to love them very mucho!)

Let me know what you think of this look! Too edgy? Too feline? Or just right?



Wearing: Missguided biker jacket / Zara jeans / Primark turtle neck / Rebecca Minkoff bag / Public Desire boots

Photos by Lily (Hashtagbylily.com)

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