It’s that time of the year again: Fashion Week summer season… This is always an extremely busy period for me and this week wasn’t any different. As a Zalando reporter I have not only visited the uptown but also the downtown version of fashion week and I got to meet and interview a lot of designers. Let me tell you all about it…









Together with Lily (from the blog Hashtag By Lily) I was invited by Zalando to sleep over at INK hotel, one of the newest hotspots in town which I will tell you more about later. For now I can say that it was so so good. I slept like a baby in their master bed and the location and interior were simply perfect.

At the hotel, Lily and I were welcomed with a cocktail and the items we ordered at Zalando for our fashion week looks were waiting peacefully on our beds. We also got some treats from Make Up Studio, so we felt kinda spoiled. After making some pictures, Lily went to a concert, so I had diner in the room and worked on my blog.

The next day Lily and I had an appointment at Tony Cohen’s showroom, where we had the chance to pick an outfit to wear to his show. Afterwards we went back to the hotel where, unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time to lay back, cause we went to Zalando’s first downtown event: The Zalando Fashion House. In my videos you can see how Zalando had set up a Zalando Fashion House where fashionista’s could go for a make-up retouch, be inspired by the latest trends and receive styling advice. Designer Zyanya Keizer presented a sneak-peek of her collection and we had the chance to interview here as well. I will write another article about this interview soon.

For now, please take a look at the pics and let me know what you think… I expect a lot from the collection and really look forward to the show. I will post a video of the complete two days of fashion week with Zalando on sunday… Stay tuned!



Photos by me & Team Peter Stigter
Read more about Zalando’s downtown fashion week here

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