MY BABY! It’s not the first time that people would think of this announcement as me introducing my new boyfriend… But no guys, let’s not get too excited haha. I am talking about my new car! If you’ve followed me on instagram you may already have seen pictures, but here I am talking you through this white piece of gorgeousness and telling you all about why this new accessory of mine is so so hot.

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So a few months ago I had the chance to create my own Toyota AYGO Fashion Edition. Of course this is a major opportunity for me, but although I had sweaty hands and pants I knew exactly what I wanted my dream car to look like: sweet but sassy, resembling my personal style.

I often describe my style as “Sassy”, being dynamic, fresh and fierce. In fashion I like to play with contrasts: basics – statements, feminine – cool, classic – modern. And all of that can now be found in my car as well. As soon as I got started I knew that I wanted the base color to be light and fresh: white, with some darker accents to create contrast and a touch of red every here and there to add a statement. And voila, my baby (yes, I’ll just keep calling it that) was born!

If anything, this car is like a huge accessory and fashion statement all by itself. I think of it as something that covers up my look when I’m in it and the first thing people see when I arrive. So how fun it is to actually match my outfits to this car?! The outfit here was created in association with Fashionchick for the ‘Elke Dag Een Look” TV-show and is all about the sophisticated blazer, the elegant top, cool shorts and striking heels (altogether in one word: sassy!)

Tonight this look will be shown on Net 5 in The Netherlands and more information about the outfit can be found on Fashionchick’s website. Or… Do you also want to have your own baby? You can private lease from only €7 per day! Check out the Toyota AYGO Fashion editions or to create your own Toyota AYGO Fashion Statement.

Curious to hear your thoughts on all this!



In association with Fashionchick & Toyota

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