Out of all questions I’ve ever had from other bloggers concerning blog tips, I think this is the most frequent asked question: How much money to ask for a blog or social media post? What’s normal to charge? How do you come to a price? Well, in this blogpost that’s exactly what I will be focusing on in the hope that my tips will help you out a little further…


In a previous post I focused on the money issue, it really being an issue, with subjects as “Why should a blogger get paid?” “How do bloggers earn money?” and “Should you always ask a fee?” My overall answer to these questions was: Yes, a blogger should be paid when professional, the amount really depends on the situation. Now let’s dig into that amount a little deeper.

How to come to a price?
Before I started writing this article I asked some of my blogger friends about their opinion on prices and what they would normally charge. On the one hand because I wanted this blogpost to be objective and on the other hand because I know for a fact that there is not just one price since the price for an article is based upon so many different factors. And that’s why this alinea of this blog post is gonna be more important than the next one! So read carefully… The price of a blog or instagram post is not simply defined by the amount of visitors or followers. Although I am gonna give you some pointers in the next alinea, one must always bare in mind that the price of an article is, besides the amount of readers, also subject to the author’s (or say blogger’s) image, the brand, the time one spends on creating the content (including brainstorming and emailing with contacts), quality of posts (i.g. photos and text), domain authority (former page rank in google) and engagement. For example: a blogger with a high-end image and 50,000 followers is more important to Dolce&Gabbana than a blogger with 120,000 followers who usually shops at the market (no offense, just making a point!) whereas a brand would be happy to repost good quality photos over photos that are highly pixelated or don’t match the brand’s style.

What are normal prices?
If you’ve jumped to this alinea, please make sure to go back to the previous one and read that carefully, cause I am about to give you some pointers about prices, but I want you guys to understand that this is only an indication. Prices are eventually to be determined based on many other factors as well. The only reason I am writing this down is because I know that it is hard to think of prices when you are only just starting. One could be totally confused on what’s normal for a post. So here’s a quick range to get started. The scheme below shows you how much to charge for a blogpost based on amount of followers and DA rate only (DA= Domain Authority and can be generated here: the number shows how strong of a presence a website has)


So for example, someone with a DA of 42 and 10,000 unique visitors could ask between 400 and 600 EURO based on these numbers. How to come to the eventual price? Determine your image in connection to the brand, the time you spend on creating the content, the overall quality of your posts and engagement. And then, let’s be honest your price can vary from 300 to 750 EURO.

For an instagram post it’s slightly easier. Prices are based upon the same factors, but amount of followers, quality of photos and engagement seem to be most important here. In accordance to a group of bloggers I have spoken on this matter, the following prices would be considered normal: 150 to 200 EURO per 25K followers. However, when you reach 80K things can change and image, photo quality and engagement tend to be more or less important. In the end, it always depends on you and the brand you are working with.

Boom-sha-ka-la-ka: Now, what’s the answer?
In short, the price of a post is like philosophy. There are no answers, but a lot of questions. The only thing that’s sure is that there is a market and you, my dear, are the only one who can find out exactly what you are worth.

Although this may all be a big question mark, I hope you guys are helped by the indication of prices and my explanation of where it is based upon. Any other questions? Feel free to leave a comment or email me. In my next post I will focus on the different ways to make money through your blog!

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