Ok so, from my previous post on how to wear shorts and look sophisticated you now know that cut off shorts can easily be upgraded to a more decent look by choosing the right fabrics, colors and adornments. But there’s another simple way to do this. Watch it here…

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You’ll notice that fabrics may become more and more important the more your style and taste evolve. You’ll realize that the value of a 500 dollar jacket is not only in the brand but also in the fabric. You’ll understand what’s the difference between some market clothes and clothes from a designer store. Not to say that fabrics of a market are never well or that fabrics from a designer shop are always amazing, but you get what I mean…

Then, color, of course, is dependent on taste. Some love bright colors, whilst others choose pastel. And then there are people who know that white suits that best or people that always go for black cause it’s save and slimming. However, there are also colors that are in or out of style. Right now I would go with sober colors and black and white.

Adornments, like colors, are also pretty personal. Some like it, others don’t.

So what’s the easiest way to spice up shorts when you don’t know how to deal with all of these factors? Add something business-ish, like a blazer. Yes, it’s that easy! I did it in this look and I must say the result kinda surprised. Whereas the blouse is way to happy colored and the shorts are really just basic, the blazer really lifts up the full look.

What do you think of this outfit? Agree that spicing up a look can be easy just adding one extra item?



Wearing: Motel rocks top / Vintage shorts / Vintage blazer / Moschino bag / Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses /
Photos by Meau (Stylemeautivation.com)

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