If you follow me on social media you may already have seen pictures from my latest get-a-way to a wonderful chateau hotel in France called Chateau de la Resle which is part of Hip Hotels. I went there with Sheradill, an app that offers long breaks and weekend get-a-ways for fixed dates and rates. But the best part about it is that one can get an even better rate simply by sharing, liking & inviting friends. I know, generating social media attention has never been this fun & rewarding. Let me tell you all about my experience!

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For this fun press trip I decided to take my parents with me. Kind of surprising to some, but most of all a nice surprise for my parents. I think they really deserved it after all the support they have been giving my blog and I thought it would be fun to give them an insight in what my blog trips are like. So there we went, by car, to Montigny la Resle, a cute little place just a few hours south from Paris.

There, we were kinda stunned by the wonderful Chateau de la Resle, a design hotel with quite the chique ambiance. A nice detail for us was the fact that the owners were Dutch which made the communication super easy (of course they speak French and English as well, but we had a small resemblance there).

I will tell you more about the details of the hotel below, but let’s not forget about the wonderful environment either. Although the hotel in itself would be a place where I could easily enjoy myself for days, the landscapes of this wine region are worth a few days of sightseeing. Me and my parents visited Chablis, Vezelay, Montbart and some other nice places where we found nice markets, the ab , a basilique and thousands of squares of vineyards. So peaceful, I think I finally had a vacation that actually made me relaxe.





Now let’s sit back for the hotel review in the way I always do that:


Location: 8
Like I stated before Montigny la Resle is great for those who are looking for peace and serenity: a place to come to rest and soak up some historical and cultural sweetness. May Chateau de le Resle be the ultimate place to compliment serenity with inspirational designs, a beautiful environment and all small details that can make a dream vacation complete, from a cute little apple tree (fresh apples may be picked!) to an amazing swimming pool, a spa, a hammock, a jeux des boules field and what not!?
Room: 9
The room in which we were to stay is more like an apartment. Normally, this would be an apartment for 2 people in which there is a nice living room with separate dining room, a kitchen and a second floor with a spacey bedroom and bathroom. Since we were here with the three of us the couch was turned into a double bed for me which by the way did not even mess up the chique design of the living room. I must say: very well done! Another nice details: due to satellite we had Dutch television, which especially had my mom happy during the evenings. A little less fun was the bad wifi in our apartment (named Noyers), which is why I had to transport my laptop, iPad and telephone to the lobby quite some times haha. But hey, the less connected, the more of a holiday right?
Food & drinks: 7,5
We had breakfast included, which was totally fine. Every morning our breakfast table was set with fresh fruits and orange juice and it had all we could ask for. We were also able to take drinks from the mini bar or from the kitchen area at the swimming pool against a fee. Also super handy that we had our own kitchen which had me cooking for my parents on a “once-in-a-lifetime” evening. For diner we mostly went to another city, which I have to say was a nice thing to do except for the fact that it was sometimes hard to find a restaurant in the neighborhood that was actually open. Of course this has nothing to do with the hotel, but it may be good to know beforehand so you can plan and make reservations.
Service: 8
The hosts were very kind and helped us all they could to make our stay as nice as possible. I think it’s admirable to see all the hard work that the owner puts into his hotel, I guess that’s a busy but rewarding job.
Recommendation rate: 8,5
I would definitely recommend going to Chateau de la Resle. It’s a chique design hotel with a nice ambiance and charm. Just make sure you come with a car or rent one while there, cause it’s much needed to explore the environment. Oh, and of course you’d want to come via Sheradill as they can offer you a lovely rate (also for stays at other Hip Hotels).



More about Chateau de la Resle here
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