If you follow me on instagram, you may have been introduced to some of my friends a few times. One of them being Lily from Well, Lily and I have become very good friends and are working n a new project as we speak. But right now I wanna take you back to last year when we organized a bloggers pop up sale. Let’s go…


Being bloggers Lily and I never have to complain about not having enough clothes. In fact, sometimes it becomes too much and we go to flee markets to sell some stuff. But last year we came up with the idea to organize our own sale.

We found some cool sponsors for the goodiebads and a beautiful location in the middle of the center. We then invited some other bloggers to join us, selling their stuff as well. You can imagine it was a crowd and lovely evening.

Only a few days back I came across the footage that was shot during that evening and I regretted not having edited it yet. So I did. And here is the result!

I know that not much information comes from it anymore, but hold your horses cause Lily and I are coming with a new project soon! And when it comes to selling stuff… A shop will be launched soon as wel. Whoop whoop!


Video filmed by me, Nigel, Monique, Lily
Edited by me


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