A lace dress and laces up to my knees. Check! It was kinda fresh shooting this look outside in Amsterdam, but we had fun and I hope y’all like it!

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So I had this new cohort hanging in my “to be photographed” rack (cause actually, yes, I do have a separate rack for that since tidying things on my rack makes me feel a bit more like a pro haha) and I didn’t really know what to do with it. I mean, I knew that it would look cold to just wear it like that, whilst a maxi coat would be too easy.

“Lace it up, lace it up
put on a lace dress and fill up your cup!”

And after all, I am in a spring mood these days, so why not just make it spring proof but a little more dressed? And that’s how I came up with this ensemble in which the added waistcoat is doing a great job if you’d ask me.

I could definitely see myself wearing this to a formal party or anywhere fashionable during the spring time. Let me know your thoughts!



Wearing: Lipsy top / Lipsy skirt / Missguided (similar) waistcoat / Public Desire heels / Moschino bag / Eye Feel Shady sunglasses / Renard watch

Photos by Mohamed Dahman

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