So many times have I had requests about my outfits. Not only “where did you get it?” but also “I would love to have your wardrobe”… Well, here’s your chance cause I am selling lots of the good stuff at the Tradono pre-loved market next sunday!

You may have seen my previous post in which I told you that I am selling items through this amazing app called Tradono here. In the past few months I have uploaded some of my lovely items for which sadly enough there just wasn’t any room in my closet anymore. A nice thing about the app is that people can now also follow one another which makes it easy to stay tuned about new stuff by yur favorite sellers.

But if you prefer shopping in real life over shopping online, then I’ve got some good news for you: together with some other bloggers and fashionista’s I will be selling my items at the pre-loved market by Tradono on Sunday August, 28th.

The location of this cute market is De Hallen in Amsterdam. Entrance is free and besides, De Hallen is a lovely place to head for a drink (after shopping with us of course).

Will I see you guys there?



Find my shop at Tradono here
And more about the event here


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