If you have been following my instagram posts closely, you may have noticed a red line of photos shot through Amsterdam in the past month, with photos of me at my favorite hotspots in particular. And if you really have a keen eye you may have noticed that in all of these pictures I was wearing the same brand: Primark… Get the picture? See the connection? Primark is coming to Amsterdam! YEAY. FINALLY! Right? Let me fill you in on all the details…

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So I shot all of my favorite Primark looks through out Amsterdam, at my favorite spots. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, let me take you down memory lane first, or in fact… through Amsterdam! For my first Primark outfit, I chose the Dam square as my backdrop. Back then it was halloween and there was still this fair, which made for the perfect shot. But the city is always super bubbly; there are loads of happy people, lovely shops and nice must-sees. With this first photo of course, secretly, I was already alluding to the lovely shop Primark also coming to the heart of the city…

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My second Primark look was shot on top of the ADAM tower, a new hotspot, from where one has a view over the skyline of Amsterdam. This is truly incredible. And even cooler is the fact that there is a swing on the rooftop! Quite scary, but I guess it’s worth the fear. For my third look I was literally a little more down to earth: my favorite shopping district could not miss from these spots. It’s called the nine little streets. Although there is no Primark there yet, your inner shopping queen will be put at ease by the lovely boutiques and vintage stores, besides some cute cafes. The best part is that you’ll find this alongside the canals. A wonderful route to stroll down for both Dutchies and tourists!

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This fourth look was shot at the Vondelpark, my favorite park and also close to Leidse square where you’ll find nice bars and places to have dinner. The fifth look is shot right in front of the Rijksmuseum and the “I AM STERDAM” letters, not a statement at all (uhum!) I am becoming more and more attached to Amsterdam, the longer I live here, haha.

0064b 0089 0102b

But my pictures with Primark outfits are not complete yet… There is one more photo to be expected on the 30th of November. And this photo will be shot in the actual Primark store! Wait, what?! Yes. The store will be opened to the public on December, 1st, location being Damrak 70 in Amsterdam. But the night before that I will give you guys an exclusive preview on my instagram stories! So be sure to check that out.

Let me know what you think of the looks. Are you visiting the opening? I hope youll enjoy shopping at Primark just as much as I do!



Wearing: All items from Primark
Photos by Meau
In association with Primark

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