Many of you may, like me, find a lot of inspiration on pinterest. Absorbing all new stuff I sometimes amaze myself with new thoughts on fashion and creative ways to wear my outfits. This time I came up with three innovative ways to wear an otherwise simple shirt. Let me show you…

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The past few months the shirt has really made it’s comeback. Being paired with boyfriend jeans or kick flare pants, a shirt can sometimes really radiate that nonchalant vibe that goes with a nice shopping look or an outfit to go lunching with friends. I personally do not own a lot of shirts, but recently bumped into this Dutch website that sells all kinds of shirts for both men and women and it made me realize I should at least own a black and a white one. But after making this video I admit that I would like to add a striped one to my shopping list as well, for I borrowed this one from a friend (such a shame!). At Overhemden.com one will not only find the basic shirts, but also luxury shirts in different fabrics, colors and with different kind of details. After watching my video you might want to look in to it since every other detail can do the trick in making a shirt look extravagant. But no worries! A good shirt, bought at the right store or an online shop like before mentioned with high quality and preferably good service, can be pulled off in the regular way as well. For now, I rest my case with three important tips as when it comes to wearing shirts.

1. Size does matter
If you want to wear you shirt the regular way then it’s totally fine to pick your normal size and have it look like it’s tailor made. But if you want to be able to play with it a little more, then sizing up would be the way to go. The white and striped shirt that I am wearing in this lookbook were actually too tight to really make these looks work at their best.

2. Guts over glory
For the last look it would take some guts to show it off. I mean, everyone can still see that this was once a normal shirt and to wear it strapless with the sleeves tied around your waist is a level of fashion that not everyone would understand. But the ones that do must be digging it. At least, I do!

3. Hack the hazards
Note that if you wear a shirt backwards, the neckline will be at the front, underneath your chin. This is not gonna look good. If you want to pull of the look, you will need to tug in the collar. Rocking these looks is a bit about not knowing shade and a bit about making it work by inventing creative ways to smuggle away the things you don’t want to be seen.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the off shoulder crop look. What do you think?



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