Whenever people ask me to describe my style, I would say that it is a mixture of feminine elegance and tough edginess. This is often translated to tough jackets and high heels. There has been a time at which I found it very hard to find flat shoes, but luckily that’s over now. And I have already found my favorite flats for this season…

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When I began my blog a few years ago, I was totally into heels. They couldn’t be high enough and I would often find myself exhausted and with painful feet at the end of the day, hating my shoes but loving them at the same time. Nowadays I ask myself the question: Why did I do that to myself when there are so many beautiful lower heels and flats?

It took a while for me to finally get myself to the point where I started wearing different kinds of flats. First, I wore a lot of wedges, then boots… And currently, I am experimenting with all sorts of flat shoes (except ballerinas, I don’t know why). The past few month’s my love for neat black flats has been growing, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I found myself these lace up brogues from O’Moda at Kleding.nl. As I wrote in a previous post, Kleding.nl is the perfect website to browse when you are looking for something in particular, for example brogues, jumpsuits, jackets etc, cause it gives you the chance to compare the same sort of items from various shops. Finding the right flats is done easily and effectively through this search engine.

I have to admit that when I ordered these shoes online, I was afraid that maybe they’d turn out to be a bit robust. But in stead, they are very elegant and I was pleasantly surprised by their feminine look. I wore them the same day to make these pictures. I had only seen my friend, who would take the photos, for 10 seconds and she already started going: “O my god, what lovely shoes! O my god, where are they from? They are so cute.” Yes, these are the kind of shoes that look even better in real life.

What I love about the shoes is that they are made up of different fabrics. As you may be able to tell they feature leather, suede and a tiny polkadot printed uppers and a wooden look sole upon the rubber one. Although I wear a size 39, the shoes look small and cute. I really love them. Let me know what you think!



Wearing: Every day counts bomber / Rose turtleneck sweater / Oasis ripped jeans / Omoda shoes via Kleding.nl / Primark scarf / Triwa watch
Photos by Lily (Hashtagbylily.com)

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