Since I will be spending this summer in the Netherlands (for most part), I will be attending a lot of festivals. I already showed you guys some laid-back festival outfits in a video and photos, and received a lot of amazing comments on that. Thanks! But what if you’re attending a more chique festival, say, on a beach in Ibiza… where for example heels and dresses are more welcome than boots and cut off shorts. Well, in collaboration with JOSH V and Kleding.nl I have created three fitting looks. Let me show you…

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Okay, so you are attending a beach festival, a chique party in a summerish hotspot or a fun night out around town and want to wear a catchy festival look that is both playful and elegant. What are the options?

1. The chique flare pants
One of the first clothing pieces that pops up in my mind when I think of festivals are flare pants. Whereas normally I’d suggest the cotton ones with a catchy aztec print, for a chiquer festival I’d pick one like the one that I am wearing in these pictures: almost silky and super smart. I have really fallen in love with these pants. They have the perfect high waist, come in the most amazing color and feature a flattering long flare leg. I matched it to a cute crop top to give it a bit more edge.

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2. The asymmetric dress
If there is one thing that can be said about asymmetric dresses it would be that they leave you with the concept of surprise, revealing more of one part of your body than of the other part. Hence, an asymmetric dress is everything but boring. Do note that I am wearing mine with heels, but if you’d prefer something more comfortable white sneakers with a pointy toe are the way to go!

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3. The backless maxi dress
Again, JOSH V caught my eye with a very well designed (can I just say master)piece. You must know that I often come across misfitting clothing pieces in life. For example, high waists that don’t hug your waist, jeans that don’t even reach your ankles or maxi dresses that aren’t really maxi. So I am very happy to have found both the perfect high waist flare pants and the perfect maxi dress here. Hello gorgeous! This one has a lower back which is ultra sexy and it has the perfect length (which for a smaller person can be easily adjusted though). The most fun part about this look is that it is super comfortable and it’s allowed to wear boots or flip flops underneath, cause no one will ever know. Now that’s the secret of a perfect maxi dress…

Do let me know which of these looks is your favorite. I, myself, cannot make a choice cause I think that these are all delicious looks. I’m fond of the colors and dynamic fabrics. I found all of these looks on Kleding.nl, the convenient search engine I’ve written about many times before, which makes it easy to compare and buy items from all kinds of webshops. In this case I went for one shop in particular; scrolling through the lovely pastel color palette of JOSH V it wasn’t hard to find what I was looking for. I cannot wait to wear these items again. What do you think?



Wearing: JOSH V via Kleding.nl flare pants / JOSH V via Kleding.nl crop top / JOSH V via Kleding.nl grey heels / JOSH V via Kleding.nl body charm / JOSH V via Kleding.nl asymmetric dress / JOSH V via Kleding.nl beige heels / JOSH V via Kleding.nl maxi dress

Photos by Meau (Stylemeautivation.com)

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