Drop your glasses, shake your asses… Yeah, I just copied that from a Missy Elliot lyric to get your attention for this amazing sweater of mine…


Is it worth it? Let me work it!

Haha, ok, I will stop now… But how to express my love for this new clothing piece of mine? I will just go ahead and admit that this is the type of garment that calls up all kinds of contrasts in my mind.

At first sight, I fall in love. But then, I start doubting whether or not an item like this would be convenient. I mean. It’s not a regular top that I would wear anywhere. It’s more like a statement piece which at the same time isn’t a statement pieces. Huh? Also… Is this the type of sweater I could live in or rather the type of sweater I like so much that I don’t wanna wear it at home. Again, is this convenient or not?

But then I start realizing that these kinds of questions are never to be made when one falls in love. When love hits you, you just fall. You shut up and fall.

So that, what I did. I fell in love and ordered this amazing piece of purple. And I can tell you, I haven’t regret it and I won’t.



Wearing: Asos sweater / Na-kd belt

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