The one thing I’ve learnt during my fashion study is that trends always come back. Flare pants, dots, All Stars, ruffles, gladiator sandals, neon, lace, dungarees, Adidas Superstars, skirts over pants, velvet, crop tops. We’ve seen it all before and here they are again. But they always come back with a modern touch. The same goes for sunglasses and I feel a twist coming up since a year or so…

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I remember buying my first pair of sunglasses when I was 12 or so. Before it was my mom who bought them for me, but now, I had my own sense of style you know… The sunglasses were small as can be and covered nothing more than my eyes. Purple, adorned with rhinestones in heart form. And really, this was the trend. Not just for me, being a twelve year old, but for everyone! Cause bling bling was the thing!

Then when I was 17 or 18 I wanted my sunglasses to be as big and bold as possible. I still love the pictures I made with some of my bombastic glasses. Those were such statements!

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And now here we are, 10 years later, and I am still very much in love with the big bold sunglasses. I mean, especially Chloe is doing an amazing job in this. But like I said, I feel a twist coming up and in fact, I have already turnt a little bit too. Last week I caught myself wearing small sunglasses again! Yellow, no rhinestones. But so small! It’s weird, but I feel like these small sunglasses really bring along that “cool kid vibe”, so 80’s!

But to be honest, I secretly hope that big & bold sunglasses will stay around as well. Cause although I can see myself rocking the smaller ones, I have so many big sunglasses that I would love to wear for years to come. In this post I am showing you my latest lovers from Valentino and Versace. OMG! Aren’t they gorgeous? I especially love the amazing framework of both of these models. Versace logo on the one hand and the futuristic glasses on the other.



Wearing: Versace sunglasses / Asos blouse / Off White belt / Missguided pants
Valentino sunglasses / Ceyu bralet / Subdued denim jacket

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