OK. I know that this place used to be reserved for blog tips, but as a blogger I take it you are active on social media as well. If not, you have something to explain to me haha. So today I wanted to discuss the popular question no one seems to have the answer to: how to get more followers on instagram? Having reached 100K on instagram, (yeah!) I will tell you guys all about how I did it…

Let’s go…

1. Be active, but patient
I hated writing down this subtitle as I already know that people will roll their eyes over this one. And I understand. This is what everyone seems to tell you and it’s also what you may already be doing, but hold your breath… Growing an instagram following doesn’t happen over night! Now that I am growing a youtube following I am totally back at square one and can relate to that feeling of “sigh… it doesn’t go as fast as I’d want it to”. But then I think back on my blog and that didn’t grow fast at first either. But there could come a day at which you’ll blink twice and ta-da, you’re followers start growing. It’s all about being noticed or mentioned at the right time and you never know when that is coming. Enjoy the calmth in the meanwhile!

2. Interact & socialize
With this one I mean a lot of things, amongst which: connect to other blogger and see if you can somehow work together (for example organize giveaways together), go places (shows, events, meetings, so you’ll have something to post about with the right hashtags), and besides that let everyone know what you are doing. Your blog or instagram account should be you and the other way around.

3. Timing
Post your photos at the right timing. If you have statistics on your instagram profile, check them out to see when is your peak time. Post around that time. If more of your current followers see your posts, there will be more likes, a higher chance to get to their popular pages and thus a higher increase of followers.

4. Quality & quantity
Now of course let’s not just focus on the easy ways to get followers. It’s also important to actually deliver good quality photos and post regularly. Besides, if possible, try to stick to a color scheme by using the same filters for all of your photos. That way it’s more pleasing to look at your feed and see what exactly is your style.

5. Instagram stories and videos
Don’t just make pictures. Use instagram stories as well. Nowadays, when you go to the “explore” page of instgram you will see insta stories of those people who were liked or watches by people you follow. If you make engaging videos for instagram stories, you will appear to a lot more people. And if you are really good in videos, think of making DIY videos (beauty really works), cause that can do a lot for you. Just think of the word “viral”. Uhuh… give it your best shot!

Last thing I would like to say is that the amount of followers is not the most important when it comes to instagram. Two other factors are important here: 1. be genuine and do what you like, cause then 2. your engagement will be great as well.

Hope I helped you guys further. Let me know what you think of these tips and if I missed some important ones. Good luck!




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