“How did you grow your hair?”, “What’s your daily curly hair routine?” Much heard questions for a lot of curly girls, I guess. I’ll have to add the “OMG, I want your hair… but ehm, it must be difficult to style”-statement. To answer most of these questions, I will be writing more articles about my hair and the products I use, starting with some funny facts and confessions! Curious?



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First of all, it’s true that curly hair is drier and seems to be less shiny than straight hair. It’s also more fragile and it breaks easily, so good nourishing is very important. I must say that I love my curls, and it’s not always easy, but I’ve found ways to keep my hair healthy…

1. Shampoo & Conditioner only
I do not use a lot of products for my hair. I have noticed a long time ago that my hair gets either greasy or dry when I use too many products altogether. I avoid this by focusing on the necessary: shampoo and conditioner. And this works very well for me. I always choose shampoos and conditioners for dry or curly hair. Lately I found something even better: L’oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment, which really enhances my curls and makes my hair feel soft thanks to the Amla oil combined to six other floral oil extracts. Altogether these oils can make up for the demanding nature of my hair and deliver an intense nutrition; they protect my curls and give them definition. The best part about it is that you can use the cleansing conditioner without the shampoo. It’s an easy 4-step routine of applying it to the hair, wetting the hair, massaging and rinsing thoroughly. I’m a big fan!




2. From brand loyal to trying out new things
I used to always stick to a few brands when it comes to hair products. A few of them were “inherited” so to say, cause my mom always used these and I automatically used them too. Then, when I grew older I picked my own products and while I used to stick to just one brand, I am now trying out some new things. I do this because I want to explore what works for me, but also because I’d like to give you guys some more curly hair advice in the future and I can only do that when I’ve tried some different things, right?

3. My dad cuts my hair
I have my hair cut by my dad. Yes! I know that this sounds crazy and it kinda is, since he barely knows anything about hair. He used to have a horse of which he combed and braided the mane, but that’s it. Now how come this man can cut my hair while others aren’t even allowed to touch it? The answer is simple: his hands are steady and he does exactly what I ask him to. Cannot say that from every barber, you know haha…

Furthermore, I have been trying the tangle teaser lately, but I am not yet convinced whether I like this better than a normal brush. I’ll dig into this a little more and I look forward to giving you guys some more advice about different kind of products in the future but like I described earlier, for now I really just focus on shampoo & conditioner, or better yet a cleansing conditioner like the one from L’oréal Paris.

What products are most important to you?



In this post: L’oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nutrition (krulverzorging) Shampoo & Conditioner / Tangle teaser

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