Oh wow wow, this bag right here. Can we just take a moment of silence for it? Cause I really lost my breath when I saw it for the first time… I was instantly obsessed!





I hate to say it, because I wish it was mine, but this bag belongs to Mohamed. My friend & photographer. Now, I tell you when he showed me a picture of his look, wearing this bag I had to scream. I’m sorry, but that’s just what Mohamed and I do when we see beautiful things hanging around the other one’s body.

After my break down or breakthrough, whatever you call it. I asked him where he got it and I was stunned to hear that it was one of Zara’s sales items. “I mean, shut up!” Don’t you all agree that this looks like a hand made – once in a lifetime – type of vintage item? Or is it just me with my newest obsession for fannypacks?

“If it’s not love it first sight,
then what was it that caught my eye?”

Funny thing is, I never worked with Zara by means of sponsoring (I guess Zara doesn’t even work that way) but this is already the second time that I wrote about one of their bags as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Read about the other one here.

I kept the rest of the look black and white with just a touch of color in the heels. It’s just the fringed leather jacket and the bag that stand out in this ensemble. Such eye-catchers, don’t you think?



Wearing: Stylemoi jacket / H&M crop top / Vintage leather shorts / Zara bag / Primark heels
Photos by Mohamed (Stylemeautivation.com)


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