The final days of summer are here, and I am just looking back on wonderful days and wonderful trips. After Lissabon & Madrid, the first little trip I made was to Friesland (or as they call it Fryslân) a province in the Netherlands were me and the boy had some time off. Let me tell you about it…






In Holland, you don’t need to go very far to find a beautiful environment, especially when it’s summer. There are flowers everywhere, a lot of water and if you go to the right places you will find a lot of authentic neighborhoods.

So when the boy invited me to go to his parents’ second home in Fryslan, where they have a cute bungalow, I brought my camera. And I am happy I did that, because we went to Slooten, a small town surrounded by beautiful nature. This is a lovely neighborhood to go for drinks and wander streets if you want to relax and think of nothing. So that’s what we did.

“If you find me smiling,
it’s because you make me happy…”

During our small get away we also went sailing. He taught me a thing or two about how to control the boat, but I will just admit that I was kinda scared. How was I supposed to know that the slanting of the boat was what this sport was all about!? A few screams later I came to the conclusion that it was actually kinda fun and since the weather was amazing there was no better place to be than on the water.

Now for this trip it was easy to find nice outfits. This cute playsuit was on of them. I teamed it up with white sandals and matching sunnies. No further needs! Let me know what you think…



Wearing: Znu playsuit* / Komono sunnies* / Asos sandals
All items with * were gifted to me
Photos by Reinder

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