Remember when I used to do my “This month’s love goes out to…” articles? This was a thing from the moment I started my blog. Every month I would tell you guys what trends you could not miss, and what type of items definitely needed to be in your closet. It’s a shame I do not adhere to that theme anymore. That’s why in this post I would like to shout out some love for an item that needs to be on your radar for a variety of reasons, which I will get into that later. I am talking about the sailor look, in particular the latest North Sails collection which was designed for the 36th America’s cup by Prada. Say what? Let’s get into it…

Trendy or handy?
The maritiem trend isn’t necessarily something we’d see during the winter. When it comes to the trend it’s usually something that would be picked up in spring and dropped after August. But… let’s be honest: even during rainy days (autumn and winter, uhuh!) this look full of hoodies, sporty fibers and convenient jackets comes in handy. Popular colors are navy, white and red. These are all known as timeless colors, depending on how you style it.

There are loads of designers and brands that show this trend in their collection from time to time, from sporty skirts & caps to hoodies and polo shirts. In these photos one can see the new collection of North Sails. They’re announced as the official clothing partner of the 36th America’s cup presented by Prada. This is the oldest sailing competition and a legendary sports competition. Of course this called for something practical, but it’s stylish too! As you can see, they’ve created a collection with a wide variety of items. Most of these can be combined easily and compliment each other to make an outfit either more winter-proof or summer smooth.

When it comes to this nautical trend and this North Sails collection, I would advise not to restrict yourself to the women’s department! I love some of the styles for men, like the hoodie jacket with the recurring red & blue print. Maybe I’d buy it a bit more oversized and wear it like a statement piece.

What do you think of the collection?


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