*Eyes blink* is it winter already!? While typing down the title, I realized that in fact I should be typing 2020 as a new decade is almost here! Time goes by so fast and it seems like fashion trends go even faster. To make it easy for you, I have selected some trends and must haves that one should really have this season and will probably stick around for a little while longer. Ready to make a small investment for the future?

Flare sleeves, color blocks, pastels, the culottes. All trends we’ve seen coming that are almost gone again. Each year however, there are some trends that stay and are worth taking a closer look at. For winter 2019/2020 not much has changed regarding last year. Some items are made even better or are best worn in a different way. Let’s look at some items that are a total musthave for this season, and who knows… maybe the next decade as well…

To highlight these must have pieces & add to your imagination, I scanned OTTO’s Womenswear as they have such a wide variety of items. I know that my mom shops on OTTO a lot & I do it too. There are so many different brands, so I’m guessing it’s to everyone’s taste. All links are listed down below!

1. The knitted dress
My ultimate favorite this season is the knitted dress. Some people may be confused by this dress as some of these dresses may look too short and you would mistake them for an oversized jumper. But nah, this dress is calling for bare legs or tights. Still too cold? Match this dress with overknee boots and don’t forget to wear thermo underwear to keep extra warm.

2. No sweat, sweater
Don’t sweat it, there is no need to go running outside when your nose is freezing off. But sporty sweaters from sports brands are definitely something everyone should have. Instead of a long walk outside, consider this your outfit for a long body stretch on the couch while watching Netflix. Besides, sweaters can be added to flare pants or highwaisted jeans for a more sophisticated look. Maybe wear a blouse underneath and have the collar coming out. Casual friday, here I come!

3. Turtleneck
The turtleneck has had its best times during the 70’s and made it’s latest comeback last year. But it’s not said that this high neck is too 2018. In fact, the trend seems to go on and on. Men and women have fallen for it & let’s bless them. A turtleneck is the best reason to forget your scarf and makes a perfect finishing touch to blazers and suits. Layer some necklaces on top of it, and it’s the definition of Parisian chic.

4. The puffer jacket
Let’s be honest, this is not the most sexy of coats, but it’s definitely warm and cozy. So since it’s a trend, let’s gratefully make use of our permission to wear something that looks like a sleeping bag. Worn the right way, a coat like this can actually look very cool & stylish. I prefer when a puffer jacket has a sporty look, with color panels and no fur details on the hem. But hey, make it your own!

5. Follow the glitter
As a glitter ambassador (I wear glitter all year long), I am super happy to see that glitter is not just for the festivities. Some wait for the holidays to take out their glitter nail polish or wear their glitter tops, but let’s be honest… Life should always be a party! Glitter was a hot item last summer and I must say that it really brightens up the day to see sparkles in the sun. But now that we are entering a new year, let’s shine even brighter with more glitters, metallics and all that sparkles.

6. Leather pants
Wondering what type of pants to wear other than jeans? Leather is your best friend. Well, not always. It can be quite hard to find the perfect fit. To make it easier on yourself, choose one that is either stretchy or has an elastic band around the hip. This way you can rest assured that the pants will still fit after Christmas ;-).

7. Overknee boots
I already hinted towards owning over knee boots in the “knitted dress” section. Without these, I wouldn’t even know how to survive the winter. Overknees can be worn with dresses, but also on top of jeans and pants for extra warmth. Also, I feel like over knee boots automatically give off a stylish vibe as it looks quite dressy. This is literally the easiest way to spice up an outfit, be comfortable and stay warm all in once.

So curious to know which of these must haves you are looking to buy this winter. Will it be the sweater, the leather pants… or all of the above?




All items in this post via OTTO.nl

Links to items:
Black sweater here / Reebok sweater here / Knitted dress here / Hoodie dress here / Striped turtleneck here / Glitter top here / Long black puffer jacket here / Colorblock puffer jacket here / Leather pants here / Overknee boots here

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