Who said glitters are only for X-mas? Oh wait… it is almost X-mas! Although I have personally been complaining about time going too fast, I am super happy that the holidays are finally here. I am running from brunch to lunch to dinner, meanwhile working on my business and keeping up with family & friends. I have no idea how we manage to do it all every year, over and over again. But embedded in glitter, red lipstick and a perfect glow, I feel like I can conquer anything. So what’s my secret? I’ll fill you in on the details.

Recently, I have posted a video about my favorite Christmas looks. Although I’d tend to make 10 looks with glitters and metallics, I also came up with a few looks that are a bit more modest. Tartan prints, mesh and silk are perfect alternatives for Christmas.

In this post I am showing you my latest “arrivals” of Christmas party dresses and as you can see, there’s only 1 glitter dress. Besides that, I have this amazing leather top with leopard printed mesh sleeves, a pink belted dress and an amazing rust colored silky dress. Let me tell you more about how to style these pieces this season to arrive to any party or get-together in style.

Glitter, Glamour, Glow
It’s in the title: no glitter, no party. But I’ll be honest: that’s a lie. You don’t necessarily need glitter to shine. I mean, of course, glitter dresses like this one do a lot for everyone, but sometimes it’s the shoes that make the look complete. Besides, a holiday glow is more than just the outfit. Highlighter, starry nails, glitter eyeshadow: nothing is too much! Don’t know why exactly I find it necessary to act as if a glitter dress is not a must when let’s be honest… this one is pretty amazing!

Leather & mesh
Not feeling the shiny vibes? Go for a garment that has a bit more texture, like leather, lace or tweed. I found this amazing leather top with mesh sleeves. I fell for it because I feel like it is such an amazing party piece but can also be worn on a daily basis when combined in a different way. So will it be a leather skirt with over knee boots or leather denim jeans with sneakers? All is possible in the land of leather.

Silky & sweet
My personal favorite besides the glitter options: silk & satin dresses. They have a certain elegance and feel so cozy yet chique all at once. I love the color of the dress that I am wearing here. Rust is a perfect color for autumn/winter: warm & not too light. But during the summer it will still work as this is a slip dress and well, rust is one of those burnt color shades that goes very well with the sun. Happy I found this one as I think that it will be perfect for a date; during Christmas eve, Valentine or well… whenever!

Pink & playful
Sometimes I forget that Christmas doesn’t always mean cold & snowy days. In tropical countries and places on the other side of the world, the holidays can actually be very sunny. A glitter dress is still an option then, but knitwear and “sticky” leather might not be. I would love to celebrate X-mas in a sunny place again some time. A cute co-ord or a cotton, playful dress like this pink one here might be the way to go for Christmas eve with 20 degrees. I love that it can be combined to shiny silver boots or glitter heels to make it look a bit more festive. What do you think?

Super curious to hear what you will be wearing this christmas and hope that these items inspired you a bit. Any favorites?




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