If you follow me on youtube, you probably already know that I am a huge fan of ruffles, ruches and lace. And if you’ve followed me on my blog since the beginning you probably also know that it has never been different. What is it exactly about this that makes me so crazy about it? And what are the trends to follow in this world full of ruches & lace? I’ll tell you in this post…

Ruffles and lace are among the most feminine details one could wish for in an outfit. Where lace reminds you of lingerie, ruffles are like playful decoration. This pretty much sums up why I love it so much. Combined to leather, denim or suede, these feminine structures will look a bit more tough and create a balanced look that is both classy and cool. Exactly what I look for in an outfit. But what’s the way to do it in 2019? The ins and outs:

Better in a body
When it comes to lace, I prefer bodysuits, especially when it’s a body con. After all, this should be tight and hug the body in all the right places. Lace bodysuits can be worn in so many ways: sexy & sweet when the boyfriend comes by, or sophisticated with a high waist skirt and ankle boots to work. Occasionally I would only wear a bra underneath lace as I think that it’s the modern way to go. But a bralet underneath looks good too. Mind you that a more covered type of the “lace look” can be found in a mesh dress & bodysuits like the one I am wearing here. Ooh and this one has the ruches too, let’s get into that!

Ruches, Ruffles, RRRR
Sometimes I get confused and don’t really know what to call it, ruches or ruffles? So here I went, right on the spot, as I write, I am googling this for all of us to know, for once and for all. Ok wow.. First, I tried “ruffles and ruches difference” on google, but when that gave me no results, I tried typing “ruffles” in google translate, guess what I got in Dutch? “Ruches”! Haha… typing in “ruches” gave me “ruches” again. Still confused! Further research made me come to the following conclusion of which I am not sure if it’s right: Ruffles are like an “ornament” with a frill, ruches are more like small pleats. Ahh yeah, still comes down to kind of the same thing…

So let’s demonstrate these ruches and ruffles the way I’m used to. This pink satin dress has ruffles on the sleeves and at the top hem along my shoulders. The white polkadot dress, too, has them on the sleeves and also alone the hem and neckline. Oh how I love this one shoulder! Then the co-ord has ruches on the sleeves and hem almost like a peplum detail. Gotta love how loungewear like this is made a bit more delicate & fashionable.

So yeah, I am super happy to have found so many lovely items on one of my fav webshops, Femme Luxury, again. Other items I’d definitely recommend from them are the white dresses and mesh dresses I talked about in a previous post. What do you think? Did I get you to the “fan side” of ruches and lace? Or need I explain more?

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