Whenever I travel, I am always running late, sometimes even running in heels, but always traveling in style. Luckily, I have quite the handy and cute bag that has me travel in style. You may have seen this Fireflies trolley a few times already, cause I take this yellow beauty almost everywhere. From London to Italy, and from Paris to Norway. Let me tell you why it’s so convenient.

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In 2015 I have been traveling a lot. And I guess that 2016 will be no different. When you read this, I am in Germany with a friend of mine. We will be working on some new projects and do a hotel review in Heidelberg, which you can already have a sneak peak of via snapchat.

Since I travel so much, I have been on the look out for the right travel bag for a long time. I have always had this big trolley that I borrowed from my sister who used to be a steward, but that one is only for when I will be away for more than a week since it is huge. Then I have these duffel bags without wheels that are way to heavy for my back. NO. I needed something that would be more convenient. I was looking for a bag that would be lightweight, preferably a trolley, and the best of course would be when it would also be stylish, unique and durable. Well, there was my beauty!

When I ran into the Fireflies counter at one of the press days I attended, I was head over heels with this bag in an instant. The alligator printed leather, the shape, the vivid colors. And then to hear that the newest versions of this trolley have a built-in portable Power Charger. Well, hello Best of Technology! (Check out a video that explains this miracle on earth here). I feel truly honored to have gotten my hands on one of these trolleys, cause it’s such an item. All trolleys have an identifying number, which makes it even more personal.

“It’s not just a trolley, it’s a companion,
And I will show her the world.”

The trolley is handmade from the finest bio leather in Italy and that shows. I can’t tell how many times I walked around with my trolley and heard people whispering “Omg, what a beautiful bag” or had them making compliments and asking me where I got it. That bag is a showstopper and really gives an extra touch of luxury to every outfit. I took the bright yellow one cause it’s catchy and easy to recognize, but it’s available in more than 10 colors, among which also black, beige and more sober colors.

So… What do you think of my new bestie?



Wearing: Lipsy jumper / Public Desire over-knee-boots / Fireflies trolley
Photos by Mohamed (

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