Summer! It’s finally here. June, 21st was a long but warm day and I just cannot get enough of the sun. In fact, I seem to look it up time after time with one trip after another. And of course, summer holidays call for summer outfits. Remember I told you about my shopping spree at Designer Outlet Roermond? Well, I’m finally showing you the summer-ish result here…










My favorite activity when I am on a holiday, is to explore the neighborhood by foot or the typical way of transport applicable to the place I am visiting. No matter how: I want to wander and breathe in the culture. So when I went to France with my dad a few weeks ago, I was happy that we got to travel by truck, cause that gave me the chance to oversee the city we were visiting: Boulogne sur Mer.

We stopped at the harbor, where we had drinks and (lucky me) had the time to shoot a few outfit pictures. You may recall that I told you about an outfit that I had shopped at Designer Outlet Roermond (more about my shopping spree here). Well, since there was so much choice and I knew that I would be able to find the complete look in one place, I chose something that would be wearable for both a festival and a summer holiday. And being in that picturesque harbor of Boulogne sur Mer, I felt glad that I had brought this outfit with me, cause it matched the surroundings perfectly.

I fell in love with this Ralph Lauren dress immediately. Although the fabric is very thick making this dress look chique, the blue aztec print gives the dress a youthful boho touch. Blue and white always have me thinking of champagne on yachts, so it’s funny that I actually shot these looks in this environment. My Tommy Hilfiger boots are dressing all of it down to a ready to wear ensemble, while the Miu Miu clutch is upgrading the overall look to something outstanding: fresh and young, but luxurious and sophisticated. At least, that’s what I think. I am very curious about your thoughts!

Oh, and once again I would like to inform you that the sale has started at Designer Outlet Roermond, with items being further reduced! I cannot wait to go there again and hope you guys are inspired. Let me know what you think.


Wearing: Ralph Lauren dress, Tommy Hilfiger boots, Miu Miu clutch
All via Designer Outlet Roermond
Photos by Piet Bruin

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