I know that when Meau reads this, he will probably go “it was about time!” And I guess he’s right. It was about time I dedicated a blog post to the guy behind the camera. And here it is finally coming…

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We have all heard about the term Instagram Husband, haven’t we? The guy that takes photos of his girlfriend for her blog. The ultimate dream man that doesn’t mind turning and twisting his life and body into all kinds of angles for her perfect picture. The dude that never gets enough of the “can we do one more picture?”, the “uhh, please from a lower angle” and the “wait before you eat honey, picture first!”… It’s the dream for every blogger.

So about my photographer… Is he my boyfriend? Not even close! He is one of my best friends, and more like a brother to me. A soul brother if you will. More and more am I starting to believe in past lives and I bet that Meau and I must have been a Siamese twin about 100 years ago, cause we are in sync and he gets me like no other. No wonder that I am always super happy when we work together.

When I started my blog, it was my first boyfriend who took my pictures. He never felt like doing it and always complained when I asked him to. (Nowadays he finally understands what it was all for and I must admit that back then he could have never known what my blog and blogging in general would turn into, so kudos to him for helping me without having a clue of it all). Afterwards, it was Meau who voluntarily offered to help me with my blog pictures. I wasn’t too keen on it, as I knew that a normal guy would regret saying that after the first shoot, but Meau kept offering, so okay here we went… And hell, we had fun!!! The best part is that Meau actually knew a thing or two about fashion and my style as well which was a big plus.

About 2 to 3 years later I am calling Meau my photographer, but he is way more than that. Like I said we are like family to each other and Meau himself grew a blog and instagram account of himself to be proud of. I feel lucky to work with this guy and have him besides me for the good type of trouble.

Now I don’t wanna go without saying that my dad also photographs a lot of my pictures, but uhm… yeah, maybe I will do a photoshoot like this one with him one day too and then get back to it? Haha…



More about Meau (Stylemeautivation) here
Photos by Rachel (UrbanTravellerr.com)

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