Looking for the perfect boots for this season? I would suggest you’d go with a pair of velvet boots, velvet over knees or velvet heels. Or all of the above haha. I made a new public desire shop hauls and try on video in which I am showing you all of my favorite shoes form this season. They are all new and oh so amazing. Hope you like it too…


When it’s 2020 and I look back on fall/winter 2016 it will be the season of velvet for me. How have I fallen in love with this trend! It started at the beginning of this year or maybe even last year already, but I could not really find the right items for myself back then. I thought that most velvet items were just a little too vintage-ish. I looked for something modern and sassy…

Be careful what you wish for, cause now there is no way back anymore! These days I own so much velvet that its almost like I am living in velvet heaven haha. It started with clothing, tops and skirts. Now I also own some velvet jackets and, even better, velvet heels. OMG.

My first velvet boots were these pink ones with a transparent, perspex heel. Then came the champagne brown ones with the retro flare heels. Damn, I didn’t know how I fast I needed to check whether or not they still sold it in my size. VA VA VOOOMMM, gimme those!? And well… the rest is history. Before I knew it, I owned more velvet heels and boots than I could remember. A luxurious issue you’d say? Not really, cause I wear these a lot. And I love how easy they are styled. They make the perfect statement to a basic outfit and work super well with fashion week looks as well.

But there are more types of shoes in this video. Think of flat forms, faux fur fuzzy sliders and ballerina heels. Uhh, click play to see it for yourself!



In this video: Retro velvet boots / Modern velvet boots / Over the knee boots / Patent flatforms / Perspex velvet boots / Velvet heels / Faux fur fuzzy slides / Lace up heels

Check out the full video & more of my channel here

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