Where normally I would come up with an “a touch of tumblr” post, I am now trying out a new concept in which I show you some items that I would love to shop, or shopped. To give you an idea of my faves and to give you the feeling that we are shopping together haha. These are the must haves for this moment.


When ever I am on instagram I see these amazzzzing tops with volume sleeves, ruffles and flares. I am totally in love with these items and don’t understand why I do not own any of these tops. Yesterday, again, I was standing in front of my closet thinking of what to wear and I felt like I wanted to wear a top with flare sleeves, but I did not have it. Aargh! My life is not complete.

Besides that I am also crazy about embroideries, either on tops or on blouses. That’s why I fell in love with these boots as well. They are so cute and unique, yet so wearable because they are black. I would totally wear them with an A-line shirt and… you may have guessed it, a top with flare sleeves.

I would finish a look like that with a bag like this one, a bag with a ring handle. I have come to the conclusion that wearing so many trends in one outfit is kind of amazing.

What are your current favorites? All items below are clickable.


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