In one of my latest Q&A’s some of you guys asked me what type of clothes I’d wear at home. I did not really have a satisfying answer to that, as normally I take of my (way to tight) jeans and then don’t even make an effort to put on comfy joggings unless the mail man or delivery guy comes by. Obviously, it was time for a change and I found the best chill outfit plus some lovely other pieces that totally match my style at Femmeluxe. Haven’t heard of the brand before? Make sure to read on as this is kind of a shoplog in blog style from their store.

Whether I am wearing jogging trousers, sweatshirts, oversized Tees or sneakers. I always want my outfits to look feminine and either chic or sexy or both. So when I found this loungewear set I was so so happy. It comes in several colors and I felt like camel would be the most chique one and besides, I didn’t own a pair of joggers in this color, so I kinda needed it. Right?

Then I also found this oversized sweatshirt. To be honest, I never really look at the print when I buy a sweatshirt unless it has a quote that I really do not feel. But with this one, I had not even seen the ufo and the kiss and now that I do. I love it. It’s so random and yet so cool. The colors are perfect on black and I matched it with my grey over knee boots for a lighter, more summery touch. However, I think that any pair of overtness would match very well and one could of course also choose to wear this sweater with jeans or sweat pants.

Now, this is different – dif-fer-rent, baby! This is not close to loungewear at all and how I love it. When it arrived I was kinda scared for it to be way too small, but it is very stretchy and fits very well. I paired this leather look bustier with regular jeans which may seem like a weird combination, but I actually love how it dresses the top down and almost makes it like something you could wear on a daily basis (would be so happy to wear this top on a daily basis, tho!)

Last but not least is this jumpsuit. This one is so comfortable, I can’t begin to explain. It’s something you could choose to wear as a leisure piece, but I’m taking this one out shopping or basically any meeting with friends during a hot summer day. It’s so chique and casual at the same time, right?

Now… I’m not gonna tell you which of these items is my favorite, cause to be honest, I cannot  choose. But I am super curious to hear your thoughts!



Camel lounge set – here, Oversized sweatshirt – here, leather bustier top – here, Rust jumpsuit – here

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