“So you’re from Amsterdam? Good weed” is what they say when I proudly state where I am from. I roll my eyes at strangers when this is all they know about Amsterdam. Amsterdam has so much more to offer and there are so many things to do here, I would never wanna live somewhere else. So as an insider I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips about Amsterdam, the must-see places and the ultimate must-do’s. Whether you’re from a small town in The Netherlands, or from far abroad: enjoy the read and enjoy my pretty Amsterdam.

So where to go, what to eat? But moreover, what to do?

A boat ride through the canals
With Amsterdam being known for its canals, a boat trip is something one can’t say no to when visiting the bubbly city. Even I, myself, try to be on a boat during the summer as much as I can. I truly believe that Amsterdam is the most beautiful from the water; scenic views, historical buildings, iconic cultural hotspots, pretty nature and a lively city center. Not only is a boat ride a lovely way to explore the city, it’s also cozy and offers a bit of fresh air during a warm summer day. The most important factor when hiring an Amsterdam private boat rental of course is the organization you book with. With Starboard boats for example, one can enjoy a comfortable & luxurious boat trip which will take you alongside the most wonderful sites of UNESCO’s worlds heritage list. Their boats can take up to 40 people and they serve a delicious menu on request. I would recommend you to make a boat trip on Valentine’s day, during the Amsterdam light festival or during the summer, but to be honest this is something you could do at anytime.

Biking through the Vondelpark
I remember being super scared to ride a bike in Amsterdam when I just started living here. I mean, there’s cars and trams everywhere. But ever since I bought my bike, I hardly ever go by public transport anymore. Biking through Amsterdam is the definition of freedom. Also, it gives you an opportunity to go through small allies and see a lot more, while hopping on and off the bike. Vondelpark is something you may not miss. It’s a perfect hang-out during every season, either for a picknick in the park or a refreshing & romantic walk. Have drinks at Het Blauwe Theehuis and enjoy this beautiful bit of nature in the bustling city.

Visit at least one of our museums
Amsterdam has been the residence of some of the most famous figures in history, from artists Rembrandt and Van Gogh to the sad story of Anne Frank. Culture is something one should not take for granted while visiting this metropolis. Amsterdam has loads of galleries and museums, which tell the lives of these legends and can give you a more detailed view & vibe about Amsterdam. I think I’ve been to the most popular ones: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Anne Frank House, Stedelijk museum, Rembrandt House and even Tassenmuseum, NEMO, Tropenmuseum, Scheepvaartmuseum (I know that the last one would be the hardest to pronounce for foreigners haha, but it’s so worth it!)

Attention photography lovers! Amsterdam is full of fascinating and wonderful people to use as your muse. Of course, capture the fantastic scenery, but if you’re feeling brave try out some portrait photography. The locals are friendly and the environment is spectacular for the aspiring photographer to stretch their legs.


Words you need to know:
Hi – Hoi
Bye – Doei
How are you? – Hoe gaat het?
Thank you – Dankjewel

What to eat?
Bitterballen, kroketten, patatje oorlog (these are all snacks, but so so good!), stamppot (which is like a stew). You can find these snacks at any snackbar and for the best “stamppot” (“boerenkool met worst” is my favorite!) you should visit Moeders, Bistro Bij Ons or De Blauwe Hollander which is at Leidseplein, also a must-go.

So yeah, there’s so much more to Amsterdam than an openminded government and good shopping areas. I hope you guys liked all of these tips. Let me know if you’d like to know more, but most of all:

Veel plezier in Amsterdam! (Enjoy Amsterdam!)




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