In my search for hotels in Paris, I came across loads of lovely ones. But it was my boyfriend who showed me the Buddha-Bar Hotel and scrolling through their website I knew I had to pay them a visit. So we did…



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If there is one thing my boyfriend cannot handle when we are shooting outfits, it’s the fact that I forget about food. Basically, my boyfriend likes to photograph my outfits but he just knows that I am going to starve him. Cause obviously, I will only be thinking about one thing: photos. So lucky him, we had some dinner and brunch appointments in Paris. Like this brunch in the Buddha-Bar Hotel.

It was a warm day so we sat on the terrace where ironically enough I met three other bloggers from The Netherlands. Apparently, this hotel is popular and I can only hope that it will be even more popular after this post goes up, cause their restaurant is definitely worth a look and taste.

We were asked to choose one dish from the menu which was to be our main course. We could take starters and a desert from the buffet. Although pictures may be a little red & yellow tented from the environment, please have a good look at the details cause the Buddha Bar really knows how to serve a dish gracefully. Wanna know how I rate them? Let’s go…

FROM 1 TO 10: The Buddha-Bar Restaurant on scale

Food: 8
At the Buddha-Bar restaurant they serve countless wonderful dishes. Walking alongside the buffet I kinda went crazy, because I actually wanted to try everything and I almost got mad at myself because I knew that I physically wouldn’t be able to. And with so much to choose from one can only say that it was delicious cause there is something for everyone. Some warm dishes, some cold, some bread, some salads, meat, yoghurt, and even seafood that was made on the spot. They served anything you can think of, put together in a cute little jar or a small bowl. My main course was chicken and I had expected this to be a little better than it was. My boyfriend however was very happy with his burger.
Drinks: 7,5
I had my favorite morning/afternoon drink, which is mint tea. Furthermore we had some juice and our water was filled regularly.
Service: 7,5
Everyone at the Buddha-Bar was very nice and sweet. The customer service could not be better except for the fact that we were forgotten about twice. I think this doesn’t happen there often and it must have been a coincidence. They handled it very well and kindly, which I think is most important in the end. Furthermore, I think it was very nice that seafood was made on the spot. Any questions about which sushi to taste next were answered carefully.
Ambiance: 8
The terrace was warmed by heaters, which spread a warm red teint over the tables. I think this matches the interior very well and it gave me a cozy feeling. Besides that, I really loved the fact that there was a DJ playing in the background who did very well to set the ambiance.
Location: 8,5
Located in the center of Paris and surrounded by all kinds of designer shops, this is a great location to have a stop over when you are tired of shopping or simply are looking for a beautiful place to relax and have food & drinks.
Recommendation rate: 8
I think that the Buddha-Bar restaurant is great for a brunch, cause they have such a wide variety of dishes. I think it is funny how they combine a buffet with à la carte; it shows both their diversity and their knowledge of food. Besides, prices are very reasonable considering the ambiance and the location.

Let me know your thoughts!



4, rue d’Anjou
75008, Paris, France
More information about The Buddha-Bar restaurant can be found here

Photos by Reinder & me

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