Another month, another list of favorite things. Things I got in goodie bags, but also things I bought and things I’ve got for my blog. Let’s see what’s on the list these days!


Unfortunately, when you see this video I am not in The Netherlands, but probably somewhere up in the clouds making my way back to Amsterdam from Japan. This video was scheduled and I was not able to put an embed code in, but you can watch the full favorites video here.

Thanks for watching and speak to you guys soon!



Items in this video:

1) Bandana: Episode, Amsterdam
2) Takko Army jacket
3) Ohh deer Patches & Pins
4) Ohh deer Daily Journal in marble print
5) Ohh deer candle light
6) Ohh deer Unicorn necklace
7) Kaan Nails decals
8) Sketcha jewelry
9) Blond Amsterdam Fashion mug
10) Palmolive products
11) Unseen Vogue book

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