I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now, maybe five years already. Back then I didn’t really count the years and didn’t even see a beginning. I was just trying some things, and that’s already one of the things I would’ve done differently looking back on it now. But I have several more tips for my younger self. Maybe you guys can learn from it…

Let’s go…

1. Jump IN TO it
When I started my blog, I was hesitating. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing and I wasn’t really sure if I was going to be doing it for a long while. I just posted every once in a while when I felt like it. After the day I started blogging more regularly, things went better. But I still wasn’t IN TO it. There is one thing that I did not do, that I should’ve done: google the shit out of google. I didn’t know much about the blogosphere (cause let’s be honest, back then not every person was a blogger!) but I just did my own thing, waiting for someone to notice me. Instead of figuring out how things worked. That’s passive. As a blogger one definitely needs to be active!

2. Photos aren’t everything
Although for a fashion blogger photos are extremely important, text is key as well. Especialy for SEO, a term that has become more and more popular. For the people who don’t really know how to write. No problem, pictures will do. But if you can, you should definitely write interesting pieces.

3. Videos!
When I started making videos, there were not many people who did it yet. Again, something in which I could’ve grown earlier. But not only that: it’s also a lovely way to show what you do, who you are and really connect. I think that the power of videos is often underrated.

4. Content over followers
Let’s be honest here. One would need an audience when taking the blog to a professional level. But above all, I am back to number 2. Content is important! Not only text, but also the quality of photos and videos. Brands will only work with people who can deliver something they can work with. Crappy photos that wouldn’t represent the brand but are viewed by millions of followers; not really a dream coming true!

5. Be active offline
Bloggers often tend to forget that there is not only an online world, but also an offline world in which the same people live who are following you on the blog. So be active there. But this doesn’t only count for followers, it’s also about meeting people of interest. PR agencies, other bloggers, brands etc.

After all, another important lesson is to always be yourself. Fortunately, I don’t feel like I’ve ever changed. But it’s something to watch out for.

Good luck guys! Let me know if there are any other subjects you’d want more info about.



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