Lucky us, the winter has not yet shown it’s worst features. I can still go outside with my jacket open and a thin silk dress is not unthinkable. So in this tumblr post I have mainly focused on winterish colors, while the items itself still show some bare skin. Again, this is a better impression of the image I’d like to set from myself. And I am also working on that on my other platforms besides tumblr…





Whilst I am very busy with my blog, I also try to give some attention to my other accounts. Instagram being the most important one. I know that it’s odd, since instagram is in fact a social platform, but I am really thinking of strategic ways to improve my instagram account. Not because it’s my business, but also because I truly want to inspire and as I love to scroll through other people’s feed, I’d like others to experience the same feeling when they go through my pictures.

I would love my instagram account to be like my “archive” page on tumblr. It’s a page that just looks delicious (at least that’s what I think) with pictures that inspire in a variety of categories from fashion to travel, from beauty to lifestyle and from food to interiors. So I am working on it and hope to be satisfied by the beginning of next year.

Until then I will be scrolling through tumblr, sighing my life away by all that’s pretty. Let me know what you think of these pictures and what else inspires you…



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