Yup, white is still a favorite color amongst fashionista’s. So is it autumn already? Hard to say… As soon as september starts most people will get the cozy feeling of cuddling up. But how do we keep a balance between enjoying our last sunny days and the fact that fall is around the corner? Well, let’s just flow into it. Also when it comes to fashion: Light, bright & easy is the way to go. Here’s how you do it.

Choose light colors
Days are slowly getting shorter, nights are getting longer. And yup, before we know it, the leaves will fall from the threes and autumn is really here. But wait! That went way too fast. Transitioning from summer to fall doesn’t have to happen overnight and above all, let’s make it fun! It’s well known that light colors are often seen in summer and darker colors remind us of winter. All the more reason to stick to light colors for as long as winter is not here (take notes: this will be until December, 21st!) So even though it’ll become darker outside, we may shine in our white outfits.

Fleece or Flannel?
Now what fabrics should we think of? Well, everything is possible. Choosing a full white outfit, you may wanna go for something a bit thicker (also since it could be a bit see-through). But on the other hand, transparency is still a trend as well. A combination of both maybe? Whatever you do, make sure you keep it light, whether in color or in fabric. And as you can see from the pictures, it also depends on the type of item. For loungewear and joggers may always wanna go with a bit more structure. So for me, white it was!

Sleeveless or see-through?
Is it sleeveless or is it a T-shirt? If you haven’t seen the sleeveless top with shoulder pads yet, you must have lived under a rock. It started with black & white ones, but now they’re there in all kinds of colors, prints and even cropped. This one has a tie-dye print and I love how summer chic it is on me. When days will become colder, all I need is just a cardigan to put on top of it. Still think sleeveless is a bit too fresh? Well, here we are back again at transparency. Cause how about a top with transparent sleeves? it gives off a long sleeve vibe, without being to warm. Perfect! And my absolute favorite…

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