Yeay… Spring is here and summer is on it’s way. Is there any better reason to go shopping (besides when autumn and winter come)? Well… I can think of one extra reason slash excuse: discounts! That’s why I am so happy to announce the shopping days are almost here.


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I find myself shopping more and more even though my blog provides me with so many goodies already. I guess a lady can never really get enough of shopping. There has been a time at which I did not feel like going to the city and run from store to store but then I simply shopped online. And when I actually felt like I have enough clothes for the moment, there’s always this new nail polish or home accessory that I totally need. So no, it never stops!

But nothing makes me happier than shopping with huge discounts. It’s weird how that always makes me feel like I am saving money, better yet as though I am saving the world haha.

Ah well, back to the point: the fashionchick shopping days! If you are a Dutch fashionista like me you may have heard of it before. Well, it’s that time again. From April, 29th 0.00 until April, 30th 23.59 you’ll get 20% off at all participating shops on Modemusthaves is one of those shops, so do feel inspired by this look that I am wearing here cause I got the full look at Modemusthaves besides some amazing home accessories, cause hey… sometimes you just want it all!

Let me know what you think of this look. Are you shopping for anything special these shopping days?



Wearing: Modemusthaves yellow jacket, jeans, socks and loafers
In association with Fashionchick

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