We are almost coming to the end of the year, and how I love looking back on years like the one I had in 2015. For my blog, it was a great year, full of innovative collaborations and of course a nice style evolution. However, we often forget to look back at beautiful times, which I think is a pity. Wouldn’t it then be fun to have a digital lookbook? I made one with Lookcast and am happy to share it with you guys…

At the beginning of my blog, I used to make recaps of every month because I thought it would be a waste if the photos were only displayed on my blog once. Now, with Instagram and Facebook taking over I am assured that my pictures don’t go to waste, cause thousands of people get to see it and will hopefully be inspired by it. However, I do love the yearly recaps cause these give a nice impression of how your style has evolved and remind me of what the days were like during other seasons. You can find old recaps of 2012 here and 2013 here. (Go ahead and laugh)

In 2014 I didn’t make a recap, because I thought it was such a hurdle and I didn’t like the way it was displayed. But this year, I found a lovely way to make my pictures and outfits stand out: I made a lookbook with the Lookcast app. In this lookbook you can find my favorite looks per month and you will also find a description and the brand & price details of every look if you click on the colored dots in this lookbook.

I don’t know much about technology, so I am happy with an app like Lookcast that makes it so easy to create a stunning lookbook and add business tools, like plug-ins and text objects. Hello to the wonderful world of handiness! With the powerful editing options, the integration of socials and the buying links this Lookcast app can also come in handy to make presentations, a media kit or daily blogposts with. And the fun part of a lookbook like this is that it has that album-ish personalized vibe, but it is still digital and modern.

So who knows, maybe I will make some more lookbooks in the future. One for every occasion? One for every season? Or simply one for every blogpost? At least, I am definitely looking forward to looking back on this style recap in two years! Let me know what you think of a lookbook like this. And what would you use it for?



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