Ever since I started learning about fashion, I started realizing more and more that the succes of an outfit may be determined by the balance more than by the items themselves. But how do we balance our outfits? There are several ways to do that…

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The balance of an outfit is not only determined by color and structure, but also by volume. For example, you can decide whether you wanna go for an all black sheer chiffon look that hugs your silhouette or a bright yellow scuba outfit that is super oversize. The fun thing about balance however is that the word itself already means that you do not have to go all the way in your choices. That black sheer and yellow scuba may be good together. The same for volumes and that’s exactly how I used to like it.

Normally I would always try to put volume on one side of my look and no volume on the other, creating a contrast between top versus bottom. For example an oversize top with skinny jeans or a stretchy top with a skater skirt. To me, this has always worked.

That’s why I immediately thought of skinny jeans when I wanted to match this cape coat. but in the end, I went for flare jeans instead, creating just a little more volume on the bottom of this look. And how I came to love this ensemble, because although it’s not a safe choice for me, it is so fashionable and totally has that retro bohemian touch.

I found this coat at Closet London and fell in love with it instantly. I love how it almost looks like a swing dress, radiating a playful and feminine vibe. The color is also exquisite and above all, this coat is made of a lovely wool quality and the detailing is exquisite. The hat and small box bag were all that this look further needed.

How would you style a coat like this?



Wearing: Closet London cape coat / Tommy Hilfiger Jeans / New Look shoes / Ted Baker bag / Loavies hat / Triwa watch

Photo by Piet (my father)

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