Oh how I have been waiting for the right moment to do this: tucking my hair into my turtleneck! I felt like I could not do it with my curls, so as soon as I straightened my hair I finally was able to… Let me show you how I wore this look!





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It was kind of a rainy day and I felt cold in between shooting several outfits so I did not feel like getting my hair out of my turtleneck when my mom made a comment: “Hah! Larissa, why are you wearing your hair like that?” I shrugged and said “Oh well, I am just cold.” Meanwhile I took a look in the mirror to see how bad I actually looked and then it appeared to me that I was accidentally wearing that trend I had been waiting to rock.

“Actually, mom, I think I am keeping it like this.” I said and I perfected the tuck. I let two wandering locks of hair in the front and ta-daaa, I was done for the day. It’s a pity that it had been raining before, cause that had made my hair look a little fuzzy. Still, I must say that this was one of the first times that I felt sorry for myself not having straight hair. Cause this hairdo is so amazing! I can wear all the lipstick and mascara I want and my hair won’t stick to it on a windy day. Who would’ve thought that a trend like this would come in handy?

In this look I am wearing a turtleneck dress and a poncho-ish cardigan with over-knee-boots. I’m a huge fan of black and grey during grey days like these, but I added a lilac bag to brighten everything up a bit. Althought I don’t think I’ll be able to pull of this look with curls, I cannot wait to wait it again.

Let me know what you think!



Wearing: Rich&Royal (similar) poncho / Dealsale turtleneck dress / Rich&Royal skirt / DUO Over-knee boots / Matt&Nat bag
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Photos by Piet (my father)

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